Executive Admin Within Reach

There When You Need It

Thank you for simply viewing our page.  Running a business is already tough enough without having to do all the administrative task on your own. Let me take the stress off the administrative side of your lucrative business. The mission of Executive Admin Within Reach is to render exceptional administrative services while allowing my clients to focus on the growth of their company. I offer many different administrative supports needed to sustain a successful business. I am excited and ready to customize your administrative services for your specific company needs. 

Welcome to Executive Admin Within Reach LLC

Founded in 2023, Executive Admin Within Reach LLC was created to offer a simpler solution for small or big businesses to improve their administrative task through collaborative teamwork, strategies, and support. No need to budget for employee benefits such as dental, medical, and vision insurance, PTO and other employee entitlements, when you hire me as your independent contractor “When you need it”. I offer onboarding assistance, travel coordination, meeting scheduling, email correspondence, bank reconciliation, and much more.

"My company had a fundraiser this past month and Jesenia was so diligent and professional.  Everything ran smoothly. She even drove 7 hours just to assure the event went well.  I can't thank her enough."

— Alison M.